Our Work

Our goal at Impact Africa Trust is to identify many young people across Africa who have viable business ideas that could transform the continent’s development trajectory. We then qualify, train and equip them with 21st century skills in running their agribusiness efficiently and effectively, to reach their full potential. We would commit to a partnership that offers comprehensive support that enables young farmers to receive expert coaching on agribusiness from our experts who have vast experience in agriculture and policy formulation and implementation. The technical support from Impact Africa Trust therefore jumpstarts and accelerates agripreneurs’ business ideas without necessarily creating dependency syndrome on donors. At Impact Africa Trust, we believe that ideas can only be brought into fruition if we work together for a common purpose.

The partnership is established after an applicant has passed our qualification process. We are aware that a lot of organizations have brought aid to Africa, but through this process and in their kindness, many have been left more dependent on more and more aid. Impact Africa Trust therefore takes an IMPACT focused approach. Through the partnership with the beneficiaries, IAT assumes the role of leadership in the partnership relationship whilst ensuring the beneficiaries retain full control of their own destiny. We make sure that the most suitable candidates will have the opportunity partner with the Trust with the view to learn, unlearn and relearn for them to achieve lasting impact on their projects. The lasting IMPACT is fostered through an open and transparent mentorship relationship build on a mutually beneficial trajectory of trust.

Preliminary Phase


  • step 1

    Interested candidates will respond to our call by tendering an application form stating their business projects.

  • step 2

    The recruitment team will engage with the applicant in our vetting procedure to establish the need.

  • step 3

    Vetting will include a physical onsite assessment of land, property, accounting information and staff.

  • step 4

    Upon successful passing of the abovementioned checklist, the board of the Trust formally approves the successful candidates leading to the consummation of a 2-year binding contract between Impact Africa Trust and the nominee. Impact Africa reserves the full rights to terminate the contract at any point subject to violation of the agreed terms.

Phase One

Our main program will cover a two-year period of two phases. In the first year or phase one, IAT will offer training and development program and some of these programs will bring awareness to agribusiness and personal issues. Our Mentoring program will seek to explore and assist those willing to talk about their agribusiness challenges. This program will allow candidates to meet with their program coordinator on one to one basis on an ongoing regular setup times. This will help us establish a trajectory of trust before the Trust commits any financial aid IAT, will follow policies and procedures in decision making process.

Training and Development:

  • step 1

    IAT will provide required training to successful candidates’ onsite and in classroom. This training will cover all aspects of agribusiness from writing a business plan to compiling business reports

  • step 2

    IAT will, where necessary outsource qualified training officers working closely with local authorities to provide required training and skills

  • step 3

    IAT will put together a resource centre that will have information and technology available for business use.

  • step 4

    IAT will continue to provide training and mentoring as required

Phase Two

Funding and operations:

Upon successful completion of the phase 1, IAT may offer financial assistance to its partners. However, this aid will not be administered in form of cash payment; IAT will purchase all the required material on behalf of the candidate to maintain integrity and desired results. IAT will be responsible for delivering the materials on site and periodically monitor progress. In the event of unseen disaster, IAT will be part of the process and both parties can decide together. At any point, however, IAT reserves the right to terminate the agreement in case there are any serious violations.